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Coney Island Adventure!

/// August 30th, 2013


Hey, sweet friends!

I have no recipe for you today. Buuuuuut! Let’s not allow that to keep us from each other. I love you in my Fridays. So, how about a little Friday field trip? Let’s boogie!

Today we’re off on a Coney Island Adventure !!! Which, by the way, apparently isn’t actually an island at all. Well, not anymore. It totally was at some point. Now it’s just a peninsula hanging off the edge of Brooklyn. Oh, yeah, we just got educational and stuff. Continue reading

Day Trip: Red Hook, Brooklyn!

/// June 18th, 2012

We’re day trippin’ it today!

New York City is always busting with excitement – not a secret. But if you’re sticking around the city for more than just a day, let me introduce you to my new go-to food paradise: Red Hook. Continue reading