Greek Orzo Pasta Salad

Greek Orzo Salad




Yield 8 servings

Greek Orzo Salad is healthy, delicious, and packed with fresh veggies! This pasta salad is the perfect side dish for Summer parties, picnics, and potlucks. To make it a full meal, add chicken, shrimp, or salmon!


For the Red Wine Vinaigrette:


  1. Place a large pot of salted water over high heat and bring to a rolling boil. Add orzo and cook until al dente, 7 to 8 minutes. 
  2. Drain pasta and rinse under cold water until cool. 
  3. Place pasta in a large serving bowl and set aside.
  4. In the meantime, prepare the vegetables and dressing.

For the Red Wine Vinaigrette:

  1. In a small bowl combine the olive oil, garlic, vinegar, lemon juice, zest, mustard, oregano, sugar, salt, pepper, and olives. Whisk well until completely combined. Add dressing to orzo.
  2. Add vegetables, olives, chickpeas, and feta to the orzo bowl and mix well to combine. Season with salt and pepper, if desired.
  3. Serve at once, or chill until needed.

Courses Dinner

Cuisine American

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