When in Rome…

/// June 19th, 2014

IMG_5759 HOLY SMOKES! I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks since we’ve been home from Italy! Time is flying!!! Here are some of our favorite photos from the trip :)

IMG_5915 One of the first things you’ll notice in Rome is the vast amount of vespas! Everyone drives them, and I’m pretty fond of this bright red beauty! One day… :)

Rome in Photos...


IMG_5919 We had lunch one day at the Piazza Navona, and let me just be super girly for a moment and say how romantic it was! The fountains were mesmerizing! And the pasta was so good I didn’t even snap a photo. I know… the shame!

IMG_5922 How strange is this photo above?! There were these floating guys ALL OVER Rome, and I could not figure out how they were doing this trick. Any ideas?! I NEED TO KNOW!


IMG_5840 I loved seeing the Trevi fountain! It is 100% as magical as the movies make it… albeit a lot more crowded! There were so many tourists there the day we visited we just took our photo and got the hell out of there. I hope one day to get back and actually spend some time sitting around and soaking it all up.

Rome in Photos...


IMG_5836 How pretty is that floral covered terrace?! We passed this street everyday on our adventures, and I fell in love with its shabby chic beauty and charm. Only in Rome!

IMG_5851 The Spanish Steps! These were also PACKED (as you can see). But I had to walk them myself! All part of the experience.

IMG_5861 In New York they sell street nuts… but not like these! Chestnuts roasting on a semi-open fire. Such a fun snack!



IMG_5893 IMG_5890 We really packed it in our last day in Rome! Our first stop was the Vatican. While we didn’t end up getting to go in, just walking around it was thrilling! It is such an impressive site to see. I highly recommend taking a peep if you’re in Rome.

Rome in Photos...


IMG_5806 A lot of the colosseum was covered in scaffolding, but it wouldn’t be a Rome post without a few shots of this impressive structure!

Rome in Photos...

Rome in Photos...

Rome in Photos...

Rome in Photos...


IMG_5797 The Forum is another must see! The ruins of Rome are endlessly fascinating!



IMG_5905 The last photos are just some fun shots I snapped on our last walk home (tear, sniff). I hope you enjoy them!

IMG_5932 And even more, I hope you get to Rome one day. It’s pure magic :)


IMG_5925 xoxo <3


Rome in Photos...

9 thoughts on “When in Rome…

  1. Nicole ~ Cooking for Keeps

    Ahhhhhh these pictures!! I went to Rome many years ago and your pics are making the memories all flood back! All I had was a crappy point and shoot back then. It looks like you had a fabulous time, soaking in all the beauty and culture!

  2. liana

    Rome is a beautiful city indeed, we spent there our honeymoon (honeyweek) some years ago. I’ve seen in Wienna the same street magic, an thought about it for a long time, instead of explaining I sugest this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLGpdkYEwrw . Under the green carpet in rome, or the red one in the video, is a very-very heavy disc.
    And now I can’t stop thinking about Rome :)) …

  3. Kari@Loaves n Dishes

    What a fun trip Ashley! I went to Rome a few years ago with my husband, it’s a beautiful city. Although the entire city is pretty much a museum, it’s a shame that you didn’t get into the Vatican museum, it’s filled with treasures. Your pretty pics have me longing to go back!

  4. Lindsey @ American Heritage Cooking

    Gorgeous photos!!! We were there for our honeymoon 6 months ago and I STILL haven’t posted photos! Shame on me!

    So my husband figured out the floating guys. The green “grass” is covering a weighted plate base and then the “cane” is a support rod that is connected to a smaller platform that the guy is sitting on. It kind of looks like a “hangman” set up. There was always a second person that was standing near by to make sure no one got too close and to cover him in a black tarp to set up or take it down :-)

  5. Megan

    Gorgeous pictures! We went to Italy for our honeymoon and I have been wanting to go back ever since! The sights and food are amazing.


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