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Hi, I'm Ashley

Hi, I'm Ashley

I’m Ashley Manila, and I’m here to help you create a delicious life!

Good food is a cornerstone of happiness, and the best memories are created around the table… bar… kitchen island… or picnic blanket. I believe food should look just as good as it tastes, and that a little garnish goes a long way! But most of all, I know time is precious, so there’s no room in life for dry cake, burnt cookies, or bland pasta. I obsessively test recipes behind the scenes in pursuit of perfection, and strive to be a trusted recipe resource for you and your loved ones. Essentially, I deal with recipe flops and mountains of dirty dishes so you don’t have to! You just get the good stuff!

All of the recipes, menus, and entertaining ideas I share here are developed to help you feel confident, inspired, and joyful in the kitchen! I hope you’ll use them to bring people together, create long lasting memories, and build new traditions with your loved ones!

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Meet Ashley

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Hi, I’m Ashley Manila and welcome to my blog, Baker by Nature.

Which is why I created BBN in 2010… and have been sharing recipes with the world ever since!

Every recipe I share here comes from the heart! And often reflects my favorite flavors and frequent cravings! So don’t be surprised if you see lots of indulgent desserts and comfort food! I’m passionate about pasta, crazy for cheesecake, and obsessed with Christmas! And if you put chocolate or red wine anywhere near me, they will definitely disappear within minutes!

These recipes are developed to help you build confidence, have more fun in the kitchen, and create delicious memories with your loved ones! Cheers to the sweet life! – Ashley

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