Soft Batch Double Chocolate Fudge Cookies

/// February 20th, 2015

Soft Batch Double Chocolate Fudge Cookies Warning: Chocolate lovers only!!! These thick, chewy, double chocolate fudge cookies are melt-in-your-mouth amazing and full of intense chocolate fudge flavor! Baked up soft, they’re sure to please any serious chocolate fan! 

Soft Batch Double Chocolate Fudge Cookies Exactly two weeks ago I posted a link to my Coconut Oil Chocolate Chunk Cookie Bars  on Instagram. One of my sweet readers (Hi, Lauren!) commented on the post requesting a recipe for a double chocolate cookie because her little boys love them, and well, I just couldn’t say no! It’s pretty easy to convince me to get in the kitchen and bake a batch of cookies any day… and when you ask nicely, I get on it! So Lauren, these double chocolate fudge cookies are for you… and every other chocolate lover out there.

Soft Batch Double Chocolate Fudge Cookies These cookies are like pure chocolate fudge!!! I based the dough of my aunts taties famous “death by chocolate cookies“, and after a few twists and tweaks, scored big! I ended up scaling down the butter to just two tablespoons! And amping the chocolate up to include two full cups PLUS cocoa powder! Like I said in the beginning, chocolate lovers only 😉
Soft Batch Double Chocolate Fudge Cookies A few things to keep in mind when you make these!

1) You’ll preheat your oven to 325 degrees (F), but once you pop the cookies in the oven, you’re going to immediately crank that dial down to 300! The low, longer baking time gives these cookies their crackly shell and gooey fudge interior.

2) Gooey fudge interior ——-> True love!!! But you already knew that one… huh?

Soft Batch Double Chocolate Fudge Cookies 3) The cookies must – I repeat – MUST cool completely on the tray. I usually leave the room for a good hour before I even think about sneaking them off the tray.

Soft Batch Double Chocolate Fudge Cookies 4) Because these cookies are so chocolate heavy, I added a good pinch of salt and vanilla the the dough. Please don’t skip these two ingredients – they make it work.

5) Any chocolate chip brand will do. I know a lot of recipes say the better the chocolate; the better the results (and that is true, in a way…), but I’ve made these with everything from Godiva to Hershey’s and they all were decadent and worthy in their own way. #Truth

Soft Batch Double Chocolate Fudge Cookies Final words of advice… make sure you have a milk chaser ready to pair with a plate of these cookies, and go get baking now 😉 xoxo

Soft Batch Double Chocolate Fudge Cookies


  • 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 1 cup + 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons packed light brown sugar
  • 2 large eggs, at room temperature
  • 2 tablespoons whole milk
  • 1 and 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1 cup milk chocolate chips


  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees (F). Line two large baking sheets with parchment paper, lightly spray them with non-stick spray, and set aside.
  2. Place the semi-sweet chocolate chips and butter in a small, microwave safe bowl. Heat them in the microwave for for 15 second increments of time, mixing in between each, until butter and chocolate are completely melted and can easily be whisked smooth. Set aside. *You may also do this process on the stove top if you don't own a microwave.
  3. In a medium-sized bowl whisk together the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, and salt. Set aside.
  4. In a separate medium-sized bowl whisk together the sugars, eggs, milk, and vanilla.
  5. Add the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients, and stir to combine - be sure not to over mix here!
  6. Fold in the chocolate/ butter mixture and the milk chocolate chips into the batter, stirring until everything is just combined.
  7. Scoop 1/4 cupfuls of the batter on the prepared baking sheets, place pans in the oven, reduce heat to 300 degrees, and bake for 18-20 minutes. Allow cookies to completely cool on the baking sheet before serving.

90 thoughts on “Soft Batch Double Chocolate Fudge Cookies

  1. kristy @ the wicked noodle

    Okay, I have SO much to say today! First…you’ve had a blog redo!! I’m ashamed to ask when since it’s been awhile since I’ve visited – but wow, I love it!! Looks fantastic. Really shows off your food photography!
    Second, these cookies look amazing. I love the how big and moist and chocolatey they look. I’m seriously drooling!!
    And finally…I’d never be able to wait to pull at least ONE off the tray. But even if it fell apart on me I’m pretty sure I’d be realllllly happy :)
    Nice to see you again, Ash. Keep up all your fantastic work!

    1. Doug in Temecula

      Going to swap peanut butter chips for the milk chocolate chips just for fun. Not sure it’s possible to go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate. I’d love to say I’ll leave them to cool for an hour, but I can’t promise I’ll have the will power.

  2. Danielle

    Hi, these look amazing… I’m wondering how many cookies this recipe will make…. I may need to double it 😉

  3. Kayle (The Cooking Actress)

    *phew* glad you got rid of all the non-chocolate lovers! THESE COOKIES ARE KILLIN ME ASHLEY! KILLIN ME! Why are they not on my doorstep? In my house? IN MY BELLY???! They look SO gooey and packed full of chocolate goodness! pinning!

  4. One Gentleman

    Wow…these cookies seem as if they would melt the moment you touch them. I imagine around chocolate lovers, the lifespan of these cookies are about five minutes. Lol. They say food must speak to the eyes, and even though I don’t eat cookies, this is speaking to me in about 30 different languages. Beautiful work and photo

  5. andre


    Did you chill or refrigerate the cookie dough before baking them? Do you think it’s necessary? Will it keep my cookies from melting? :))


    1. bakerbynature Post author

      Hi Andre. I did not refrigerate these cookies at all prior to baking. The cookies are soft batch, so they will not melt, but they do bake up nice and soft. Read the cooling instructions to ensure you allow them enough time to cool on the pan.

  6. julie rawat

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  7. Jenny

    I just made these. They baked up more fluffy than flat, like in the picture. Maybe it’s because I doubled the recipe. They are still really good! I could only eat one cause they are super rich

  8. Shirley

    Found this yummy recipe on Pinterest. I’d love to make them for a church fundraiser next weekend, but I’d rather make them a bit smaller for that, so they would go farther. Should I do anything different? Or, is this the type of recipe that just needs to be a BIG cookie? Thanks so much!

    1. bakerbynature Post author

      Hi Shirley. I have not tried making them smaller, but here’s what I would do: Make them as directed and then bake a trial batch with a few smaller cookies, baking them for a shorter amount of time (they’ll cook faster if they’re smaller). See how the trial batch turns out and then make more that size if it works :)

  9. ashlee

    Step 2 says to melt the chocolate with butter but at the end you mix that plus chocolate chips with the rest of the ingredients, which chocolate do you melt, the milk or semisweet?

  10. Lindsay

    Hi!! These look AMAZING. Stumbled across them on Pinterest yesterday.
    Question… It calls for unsweetened Cocoa ….. Can I just use the normal kind? I’m guessing since mine doesn’t say “unsweetened” that it’s sweetened….

    1. bakerbynature Post author

      Hi Lindsay. It is important the cocoa powder be unsweetened as it will majorly effect the taste of the cookies. Sweetened cocoa powdered will make VERY sweet cookies.

  11. Joyce

    What a time for my doctors to put me on a “strict” low-fat, low-cholesterol regimen!! Not this month, not with cookie recipes like this to try, unh-uh, not no way, not no how!!

  12. Jill

    Holy moly these are amazing! We doubled the batch and ate dough by the spoonful and didn’t wait the indicated hour for them to cool before we tried them. I’m very impressed! Thanks for the recipe! They are so so good!

  13. Lane

    I live at 7000 ft elevation, and in case there is another unfortunate soul at high altitude reading this, I made these with the following modifications (based on King Arthur Flour’s altitude adjustments):

    – Increased milk to 1/4 c
    – Increased flour to 1 1/4 c + 2 tbsp
    – Decreased brown sugar to 1/4 c + 1 tbsp (in retrospect, probably should’ve left the brown sugar and decreased white sugar instead)
    – Increased oven temp by 25 degrees (preheated at 350 then reduced to 325) and decreased bake time accordingly

    Fortunately, they puffed up very well! I was pleased that the shape of these turned out much better than most of my cookies–altitude has murdered almost every last one of my recipes… And of course, the chocolatey-ness is DIVINE. That said, I think I overbaked them by 1 or 2 minutes (even though I checked them early!) because they were a touch dry the next morning. I only made 6 cookies and saved the dough in the fridge, so I am going to try another batch tonight or tomorrow and see if decreasing the bake time even more will help. I’m also wondering if increasing the fat slightly may help the recipe hold its moisture better in my dry/elevated climate.

    Thanks for this recipe! I will definitely bake them again, although I may need one or two more tweaks for my high altitude special needs. :)

  14. Diana

    I made these today and they were absolutely delicious. So chocolatey, gooey, and addictive! Not to mention that they are quick and easy as well. Win win win!

  15. Jayme

    I love this recipie but when I make them they seem to flatten loads and don’t keep their shape Like the ones pictured. The first time I made them the mixtures was lovely and thick but the second time it was a lot runnier which was weird as I haven’t changed the recipie. I do like in the uk so have attempted converting to grams, is here anyway you could convert for me so I know I’m getting the right recipie. They still taste delicious but don’t look very nice 😮 also do you have any idea what could be causing the, to flatten and spread out in the oven ? Thank you for such deliciousness

    1. bakerbynature Post author

      Hi Jayme. Hmmm… that is odd. I am not sure what the conversion would be, but there are many tools that you can download on your phone or even online that can help with that. If they’re runny I’d say add a touch more flour, but the fact that they’re runny at all worries me. My batter is always VERY thick. Please keep me updated if you have any breakthroughs or questions. xo

  16. Rhonda Aldrich

    Oh my Heavenly Stars! Wow. Wow. Wow.

    I just made these cookies and I am in Chocolate Heaven.

    I made a few adjustments to the recipe. I added some ground Flax seed and Almond Meal and ground coconut to increase the nutritional value. A sprinkle of Cinnamon to enhance the chocolate flavor and some Caramel Bits. I also had to add a little heavy cream.

    Wow! They taste like Double Fudge /Caramel Brownies with a crispy crust and chewy middle.

    Thanks for the inspiration and all the helpful tips. Cooking at a lower temp say a brilliant idea. And the extra salt really accented the caramel.

  17. Arielle

    These are amazing!! I made these yesterday, and they’re gone today. Because I’m a glutton for anything dark chocolate, I used half dark cocoa powder and half regular, and substituted dark chocolate chips for milk chocolate chips. Needless to say, these are officially the best cookies I’ve ever made, and this is such a great recipe. Yummm!!!

  18. Destiny

    Over been waiting soooooo long to make these cookies, and I finally made them today and they’re are deliciously delicious. I also find it a lot more fun to make them homemade rather than buying the dough made or cookies made. Thanks blog-doo! (not sure if that’s you’re name)

    1. bakerbynature Post author

      Hi Destiny! Yay – so happy to hear these cookies didn’t let you down :)
      I love making homemade cookies from scratch and completely agree it’s way more fun than getting the pre-made ones from the store. Happy baking!

  19. Lili

    These look amazing!!! I am wondering if you can make them ahead and store them for a week?; would it be better to freeze them?

  20. Katelyn

    They look amazing! I’m going to try making them gluten free but my previous attempts at making gluten free cookies always end in a bowl with a fork.

  21. Jordana

    HI! Wow I am SOOO excited to make these cookies for the weekend!!! Just one question- can i use margarine and almond milk or will the cookies turn out very different? THANKS!

    1. bakerbynature Post author

      Hi Jordana. I have never tried those adaptions, but one reader let me know she used almond milk and the results were great. Good luck and please let us know if you give it a try this weekend :)

  22. Jordana

    omg. i needed to take the dairy out of these cookies so i used almond milk and OMG. they were so good!!!!! no one could believe i made them and i didnt buy them!! thank you for the recipe!

    1. bakerbynature Post author

      Hi Jordana. I love the idea of using almond milk (my fave) so I’m definitely trying this soon. Thank you for letting us know your adaptions worked and you enjoyed the recipe.

  23. Cindy

    Made these today as I have been on a brownie cookie quest. I modified a bit. When I melted my chocolate, while smooth, it seized a bit…..twice! So the second time (45 seconds in the microwave) I decided hand mixing it in would not be feasible. I mixed all the wet ingredients together in my Kitchenaide and then added the microwaved chocolate mixture and beat until smooth, then added the dry ingredients. Then added the chocolate chips (I used semi sweet instead of milk). What I had looked like thick brownie batter. I test baked one to see if it would spread and it did but an appropriate amount. Now 10-15 minutes had passed and the dough was thicker so I went ahead and baked the rest. Your instructions to spray your parchment and let cookies cool completely on the pan is key to success! When I handed one to the husband, his comment was “Where’s the walnuts?” I will sub walnuts for some of the chips next time. This is a good recipe. I will make again. Used Hershey’s Special Dark also.

  24. Darla

    I Made these with my son’s tonight and they are delicious! My boys enjoyed eating the batter, so we were short one cookie. 😉 I love how soft & chewy they are. They are similar to brownies, perfect with a scoop of ice cream. :)

  25. Ashley Mulford

    Hi! I’ve been trying for a while now, to find the perfect chocolate cookie recipe. Although there are tons out there, none of them have been perfect, however, while scrolling through Pinterest this really caught my eye! First of all, LOVE your website and this recipe looks AMAZING!!! Making them when I come home from school, and I have a feeling my family will devour them! Can’t wait to check out what other recipes you have to share!
    Thanks so much!

  26. Eileen

    I followed the recipie to the latter. The dough was really tough and the cookies were dry. Unfortunately.

    1. bakerbynature Post author

      Hi Eileen. I’m so sorry to hear your cookies didn’t turn out. The batter should be like fudge, not crumbly at all. I’d love to help you troubleshoot what went wrong, if you want to make them again.

  27. Kristina glassman

    I can’t wait to try these cookies, but I had a question. Your recipe calls for whole milk. Unfortunately I only use low fat milk, will that make a difference? If so I can always go buy whole milk, just didn’t want to If it wasn’t neccesary.
    Thank you!

    1. bakerbynature Post author

      Hi Kristina. I recommend using whole milk for best results, but low fat milk may work ok in its place. I’d guess the cookies may be a little less fudgy since they’ll be missing some of the fat from the whole milk.

  28. Samantha A.

    I made these this morning, and I must say they really are amazing. I’m extremely picky about chocolate cookies, but these were exactly the flavor and texture I wanted (though I did slightly alter the recipe by warming up the milk enough to dissolve 2 tsp of instant coffee for more depth). I will definitely make these again, thank you for posting this.

    Samantha A.

    1. Treva Alrich

      I am going to try these soon, and I told my husband, I always put instant coffee in my chocolate cookies. It makes them so much better.

  29. Debbie

    I am getting married in June and would like to include your chocolate cookies in the menu. Can you freeze or bake these ahead of time? If so, how far out and did it change the taste and /or texture of your cookies?

    1. bakerbynature Post author

      Hi Debbie. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage :) So exciting! Freezing the cookie dough is probably your best bet. I haven’t tried this myself, but I reckon you could scoop the dough onto the cookie sheet, pop the pan in the freezer, then transfer the frozen cookie dough into a freezer safe bag and freeze until needed. You’ll likely need to add a few minutes onto the bake time since they’ll be baking from frozen form. Freezing the baked cookies is possible, but they will not be as chewy or moist.

  30. Kimmy

    Hello! Hai!
    I am a new baker but veteran chocolate lover. Made this recipe tonight and it is the purrrfect chocolateness. But my texture turned out not so purffect :( I would describe it as spongy maybe a bit too doughy? Where do you, in your expert opinion, think I may have gone wrong? Any words of wisdom most appreciated 😀

  31. David :D

    I tried making these cookies and they were amazing!! Could i have your version of a regular chocolate chip cookie?
    And i also wanted to know the reason you reduced your butter quantity and also what are the factors that give your cookies those beautiful cracks on top.
    Thanks alot :)

  32. diane om

    I doubled this recipe and did not think to hold back about the salt. If you double this recipe do not double the salt!!! It makes for WAY too much of a salty cookie.

    However, very pleased with texture and batter consistency. Will be sure to watch the saltiness for next batch.

  33. Jiang

    Hi! I just tried baking these cookies today and ran into some issues :( hopefully you’ll be able to help me!
    My batter’s cconsistency was quite gooey and liquidy (but not runny like water), so I wasn’t sure if I was doing it the right way. Usually cookie dough texture are more doughy I think… But the cookies rose and took shape beautifully when baking so yay! However the texture of the cookies turned out to be more cakey and puffy as compared to the ssupposedly chewy and fudgey texture. Wondering where could I have possibly gone wrong? Or is the cookie supposed to be more cakey than chewy? Should I have use baking soda instead of baking powder?
    Would really love to make this recipe work! Thanks for your rreply!! :-)

  34. Ni'Chelle Lawson

    My younger brother made these today for his cookie exchange party and added peppermint to them and they came out great. Everyone loved them.

  35. Angel

    Hi! I’m really interested to bake this recipe. I recently gave birth to a baby girl and would like to ask if I can add flaxseed and brewers yeast to the batter to make them lactation cookies? Thanks very much! :)


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