Dark Chocolate Pistachio Nutella Granola Bars

/// May 16th, 2015

Sweet and just a little bit salty, these thick and chewy dark chocolate pistachio nutella granola bars explode with flavor! A delightful breakfast, snack, or even dessert.

Dark Chocolate Pistachio Nutella Granola Bars If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for snacks. Our cabinets are always stocked with midnight munchies (cookies, chips, licorice; you name it!), but most of the time I find myself staring at those prepacked snacks and longing for something a little more… homemade. What can I say? I’m a sucker for REAL food. Even when I’m hangry. Continue reading

Creamy Key Lime Pudding

/// May 11th, 2015

Here is my simple recipe for thick and creamy Key Lime Pudding! Make a double batch if you’re serving true lime lovers :)

Creamy Key Lime Pudding Happy Saturday, friends! Today I’m popping in to share a dessert that is cold, creamy, and outrageously refreshing. Key Lime Pudding! This easy dessert takes only a few minutes of prep time and can be made up to two days in advance. It’s so flavorful you don’t need to garnish it with anything, but if you really want to I think a dollop of whipped cream and some crushed graham crackers would be a lovely finish! Enjoy! xoxo Continue reading